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The Flash
The Flash

The first season of the flash ended raising some big questions and left off in a pretty big cliffhanger. While we wait for the next season, which only recently started being written, I’ve come up with some theories in an attempt to explain some big moments in The Flash. These theories attempt to explain huge moments in the tv show, so if you don’t wish to have the plot ruined for you, stop reading.

First question: why doesn’t Barry save his mother when he had the chance? Why does future Barry tell him not to?

Short answer: Flashpoint Paradox. Let me elaborate. If you are not familiar with Flaspoint it’s in layman’s terms the Flash’s attempt to save his mother from death. However the changing of history completely transforms the world into a much more sinister place making him realize he had to allow his mother to die for the greater good. If future Barry warned present Barry not to save his mother it can only be because he knows the drastic ramifications saving his mother will have. So while Flashpoint is not shown, I believe this is a direct reference and left for die hard fans to understand.

Second question: Eobard Thawne, the main antagonist (AKA The Reverse Flash), is left stranded in Barry Allen’s time line. But why does he suddenly lose his powers, merely a plot convenience?

Eobard Thawne travels back in time with the intent to kill Barry Allen as a kid in an attempt to eradicate his nemesis from ever existing in the first place. His plan is foiled when future Barry carries kid Barry to safety. His plan having failed, he settles for the next best thing: rewriting history so the Flash is never created.

Now, why does this cause him to lose his powers? Well, the speedforce, which is the source of power for every speedster, is created when Barry is struck by the lightning bolt and becomes the Flash. When Eobard prevents the Flash from being created he also prevents the creation of the speedforce, his own source of power. This causes him to lose his speed and, thus, his ability to time travel back home to his own timeline. This is why he is forced to take the mantle of Wells and help Barry become the Flash. In a cruel twist of fate, he is forced to create the very being he despises.

So these are two explanations I came up with, do you agree or disagree? Also, stay tuned for when I attempt to explain what that mysterious singularity, black hole, created at the end of season finale is.