The CW Network Is Picking Up Supergirl Season 2

When Supergirl ended its season one last month, there was no word of a renewal. The general feedback of the show was positive and the optimism of a season two was there. Now CW Network had confirmed Supergirl season 2 will join its DC family of Arrow, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow. Both CBS and CW Network are sisters but CBS has a bigger budget. That was one of the concern the show  will face with at CW Network. The good news is The Flash does a pretty good job on the show special effects and staying within the same network will allow more cross over among the shows. That should set up a pretty interesting dynamics among the characters on all four shows. Moving the production of Supergirl from Los Angeles to Vancouver should help trim the production cost as the other three series already shooting there. The move from CBS to CW should be seen as a positive move at this point. Unlike the other DC series that is co-produce with CW Network. Supergirl remain solely owned by Warner Bros Television. Perhaps Warner Bros Studios is being protective of Superman property, the studio intent to control all contents within the Super universe without damaging the value of Superman movie franchise. So far we have seen references, blurred image and boots of Superman in Supergirl. It is unlikely for the studio to established any further relationships between the television series and the man of steel movie franchise not like Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD and The Avengers movies.

Spoiler Ahead! In other news about Warner Bros Television, CW Network’s Legends Of Tomorrow last week episode saw the death of Captain Cold/Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller), the showrunner assure viewers, Wentworth Miller is not leaving the show per se. He will not be joining the regular team in the Waverider next season. In an unusual contract rarely seen in the television industry, Wentworth Miller with his character of Captain Cold/Leonard Snart will exit as a regular from Legends Of Tomorrow series but will remain as regular in showrunner Greg Berlanti DC Universe. It’s most likely his character will appear in The Flash, it opens up his character to appear on Arrow and Supergirl as well. Most television actor committed to a specific series. While the contract is not as lucrative as Robert Downey Jr. appearing in Iron-man, Avengers and Spider-Man movies, it’s good to know Captain Cold is well like enough to keep by the executive producer.

Here’s a look at Thursday season finale of Legends Of Tomorrow. Check your local listing.


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