The Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer is finally here!


Sweet baby jesus this trailer is awesome!

I for one cannot wait for it to come out!!

Id like to thank HYDRA for leaking this trailer 6 days before Marvel was ready to drop this for us!
Here it is for your Viewing pleasure!

  • Brenton

    Eh…Avengers are boring. KIDDING – this looks awesome! James Spader voicing Ultron is the best

  • undbiter65

    Good God it looks amazing!

  • Spade

    0o0oh man HulkBuster armor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s awesome! I loved how James Spaders voice is “human” yet isn’t.. almost as if their is no emotion

    • undbiter65

      I like how Thor picks up Stark like a rag doll lol.

  • veeru789

    Holly cow! That was awesome.

  • Wow, just wow, I’m so looking forward to seeing this!