The Alien King Internecivus Raptus Rex Maqutte – Sideshow Collectibles.

It’s Alien Day y’all! When talk about aliens many of us have different first image that pops to our mind. But we can’t deny the impression of James Cameron ‘s 1984 Aliens designed by Swiss painter artist H.R. Giger. Especially the iconic scene where the Queen mother alien breathing down Ripley’s face. Sideshow Collectibles are makers of figurines, statutes and high-end pieces from movies, films and televisions. The designers behind the company is now creating a King version of the iconic Queen Alien Xenomorph from Aliens specifically inspired by Aliens : Rogue comics. Producer Ridley Scott has Alien : Covenant set to release on August 4th 2017. No word if the Alien King by Sideshow Collectibles will rear its head on the movie Check out the featurette of the Alien King.





Alien King- Sideshow Collectiblesalien-king-sideshow-collectibles-image-7-600x269Sideshow Collectibles Alien KingSideshow Collectibles Alien King


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