Teaser Trailer for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice at Comic Con!

Batman V. Superman had no official pane at Comic-Con planned but rumors had been brewing that DC would have some sort of teaser trailer for the movie ready for SDCC. Zack Snyder did not disappoint, he unexpectedly (or rather expectedly) appeared in the hall and presented some brand new footage. Now, recording was not allowed but many bloggers and writers have given a play by play description of the trailer. Slashfilm gave this description:

The short teaser opens with Batman in a full armor suit from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Glowing eyes, very mechanical, it’s pouring rain He pulls down a lever on something and we realize it’s the Bat Signal. It has the new Batman logo (reminiscent of the one from Miller’s comic). The camera slowly pans up to reveal the signal projected in the air but right in the middle of it: Superman. He’s illuminated in the sky amongst the pouring rain with his red glowing eyes. Cut back to Batman, staring right back at Superman with his blue glowing eyes and we cut to the logo.

The teaser should, and hopefully will, hit the public eye anytime now. For now, we will have to make due with a second hand report. I cannot express how much I want to see this trailer nor how much I geeked out when I heard!

What are your thoughts on this teaser?
(Photo Credit: DC)

  • veeru789

    Wow! Can’t wait for this movie and to see Batman kicking superman’s ass.