Supergirl: Hostile Takeover. Recap. Spoiler Alert!

Poor newbies do not get to have a long Christmas break, Supergirl be damn! We are back with another episode of girl power. Hi see ya hold tight!


Previously J’onn J’onzz revealed himself to Alex Danvers. But she kept his secret identity from Supergirl. The shows open with confrontation between Supergirl and Auntie Astra and her Pips. For some reason Auntie Astra does not have the killer instinct and Supergirl fly off without a scratch. The same issue Supergirl is dealing with when sparring with her sister Alex. Must be in the family genes. It did not take long  for the family reunion. This time auntie and niece having no hold bar fight in front of National City residents. Take a sit Jerry Springer. Let the girls sort out their problem. She easily defeated auntie Astra and drag her into DEO cave. Emotional ran high with our Supergirl  as both hologram mom Alura and the incarcerated  aunt Astra giving her different accounts of the last days at planet Krypton.  Aunt Astra also revealed things that Kara hadn’t known about her mother.  Meanwhile Alex and Hank were wondering why Astra let Supergirl to take her so easily when Astra had won two battle against Supergirl at earlier encounters.


In the meantime at Cat Co, someone is trying to bring down Cat by hacking into her emails.  The media got a hold of the emails that contain some embarrassing secrets of Cat. The board of Cat Co call  for a meeting, warning if those emails continue to embarrass the company, Cat should to step down. After the meeting Cat told Kara to look into Dirk Armstrong the board of director, suspecting him to be the saboteur. Kara using her super-hearing over heard Dirk indeed was the man behind the leak. Team Supergirl working together managed to collect data from Dirk’s computer. One of the secret revealed Cat has been financially supporting a son unknown to the world(What’s with DC plot obsession with unknown sons?). While Team Supergirl accomplished their mission to save Cat’s career while the board of director Dirk Armstrong got ousted and arrested. Unbeknownst to Kara, Cat had been suspicious of Kara’s Supergirl identity all along. She had Kara removed her glasses to confirm her suspicious. (I would like to own a pair of those Superglasses to hide my identity. Where does one buy them? A kickstarter in the work maybe? Maybe Supergirl will start kissing everyone and make them forget about her identity. That would suck big time for whoever is dating her.)


Just then, Kara awkward moment was save by an urgent phone call from Alex.  Lord Technologies was besiege by Non and his Kryptonians/Aliens friends. Maxwell Lord got only one use of his newly invented weapon that sludge one of the Krytonians eyes before he got choked by Non/Astra husband. The DEO gang arrive in time to save Max from his imminent death. Meh, I’m quite disappointed with The Martian Hunter/J’onn J’onzz superpower. He could barely beat up one of the Krytonians during the lopsided battle. As an alien he suppose to possess the same if not stronger power than the Super cousins. I hope there’s some explanation later about his power or the lack of. Supergirl make it in time to have the final confrontation with Non as the show take us into the holiday break.


So  8 episode in. what do you think of the series? Is there enough to bring you back for the second half of the season?



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