Suicide Squad’s Quinn Featured in DC’s Sirens

DCEU’s Sirens will feature a bevy of outrageous beauties.

Suicide Squad is perhaps one of the most anticipated comic book flicks of 2016, and the clear breakout of the film is Harley Quinn. Portrayed by Margot Robbie, the punk-infused violent femme offered a balance of charm and chaos in her delivery. The fans responded, and DC took notice.

Today, the entertainment company announced that Robbie will reprise her role in a new film. This new work will call upon Squad director David Ayers, in hopes of reclaiming that same magic. Furthermore, DC is fortifying their fan-fueled trend by incorporating other favorite female villains. It is reported that this film, aptly titled Gotham City Sirens, will also bring in the well-known characters of Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

DC isn’t stopping there with plans to give Deadshot (Will Smith) his own tangent in the DCEU.




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