Stranger Things Returns to Netflix for Season 2

Finally it’s happened! Netflix has renewed Stranger Things for a second season!

I’ve watched a lot of things this year. I’ve watched some good. I’ve watched a lot of bad. I’ve watched heroes from comic books portrayed in both the best and worst ways possible. I’ve watched a sequel to a beloved movie that I was excited about leave me with even more questions, and I realy enjoyed a sequel to a beloved movie I didn’t feel was needed. Even watching all these big budget movies, there was one thing I watched that stood out, better than the rest. That is of course Stranger Things on Netflix.

If you didn’t watch Stranger Things, you’re probably wondering how I could say a little series on Netflix could possibly beat out these bug budget motion pictures. I wonder too. But it did.

Stranger Things surprised me. A series set in the 80’s, focusing on a group of adolescents, a group of teenagers, and a couple of parents, put in a very strange predicament. The series hit so many points in exactly the right way. It brought back memories of some of the best 80’s movies, and may have even beat some. The young cast was perfectly picked for their characters. This group could have been dropped in to Goonies or E.T. and been right at home. The teens fit every stereotype of the typical 80’s teens found in Friday the 13th or Halloween. And of course, a parent, who was a real life teen actor in the 80’s.

The 8 episode season went by entirely too fast. I admit I binge watched it. I’m someone that doesn’t binge watch. Ever. And with Stranger Things I did. Yet there was no mention of a season two. As the world discovered Stranger Things, the question of a season two was asked. And wasn’t answered. I was worried that Stranger Things would be a one hit wonder. Luckily, I can stop worrying.

Netflix has finally announced that Stranger Things would be returning in 2017. Matt & Ross Duffer shall return as writers and executive producers joined by returning executive producers Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen. There’s no word as to the story yet, however Netflix did drop a teaser, that leaves us with even more questions.

Whatever the Cohen brothers plan to do, they’d better do it fast. Those kids won’t be kids for long.