Stranger Things 2 Returns Halloween!

In a day full of amazing commercials and numerous trailers, there’s only one I was waiting for.

Stranger Things has to be the most amazing thing I’ve seen on TV this year. (Sorry Glenn & Abraham). I am anxiously awaiting season 2, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the Super Bowl commercial that we knew was coming.

And now I’m sad.

The trailer didn’t show much of anything. It starts with an old Eggo commercial whitch it actually pretty ftting. We see that Eleven is back. Really, we kind of all knew that didn’t we? And we see the boys in Ghostbusters uniforms, which is pretty damned badass. Other than that? I’m still waiting.

And I’ve got a ways to wait. Stranger Things 2 won’t be arriving on Netflix until Halloween. That’s entirely too far away for my liking. They’d best hurry up or else those kids will be adults by the time their ready to film the third season. Just look what happened to Game of Thrones!