Stephen King’s The Mist is Headed to Spike TV

The Mist based on a Stephen King story and previous movie is heading to television.

I’ll admit it. The 2007 movie The Mist is one of my all time favorite movies. Based on a Stephen King story (which I read and loved) the movie was not what you’d call a blockbuster. Starring Thomas Jayne, Andre Braugher, and a few others you will recognize if you watch The Walking Dead (that’s Carol!), the movie didn’t exactly have star power. But it was an original story, decent special effects, and was a generally enjoyable experience. Right up to the most horrifying and gut wrenching ending I have ever seen. It’s a movie that will stick with you, and if you haven’t seen it, you need to. Now.

And now a new version is coming to the cable network Spike TV. This time, being an ongoing series, the setting will not just be within a grocery store. And I can’t wait.

The Mist heads to Spike TV June 22nd.