Space Jam The Sequel?

Let me start by saying LeBron James is funny as hell in Trainwreck, which came out this past weekend. That being said, yesterday the internets were set ablaze by news that LeBron had entered into an agreement with Warner Bros. for film, tv and digital content. All of that and the fact that the Brothers Warner updated and signed up for new trademarks last month, for Space Jam items, makes it all probable that Space Jam 2 will likely be happening… I don’t know if what the first one was can be replicated, but if it can, LeBron James is the man for the job. You don’t have to like the man, hey, he’s not my favorite player (Kevin Durant is, of those currently playing the game of basketball, Michael Jordan of course is the G.O.A.T. to me), but you do have to respect everything that LeBron James has done as an NBA player. He’s won 2 rings, carried 2 teams (the Cavs, twice) that should’t have made it to the Finals, he’s won multiple MVP’s and doing this all the while having had those expectations hung over his head since coming straight from high school at St. Vincent St. Mary’s. (SVSM).