Showtime “Peaks” Our Interest

Kyle McLachlan as Agent Cooper - Fans are left to wonder if he will return for the new series.
Kyle MacLachlan as Agent Cooper – Fans are left to wonder if he will return for the new series.

Everything comes full circle eventually. The X-Files returns to question more of whats out there, and now another 90s drama is working it’s way back to television. Twin Peaks is returning, and fans are thrilled to get a bit more information from the network that’s bringing it to us, Showtime.

After an anxious turn of events with Director David Lynch, fans were concerned what would happen with the series…unsure if it would proceed and meet expectations. However, at a criticcs’ meeting today, Showtime President David Nevins allayed fears. Shooting is slated to begin in September and will revisit it’s old haunts of Snoqualmie and North Bend in Washington State. While a total episode count is still TBD, he did state that the show would be shot in its entirety and later cut into episodes.

This surreal series became a cult hit during its original 30 episode run, and led to a primetime film. But fans have been aching for more answers. Nevins remained tight-lipped on casting and timeline, keeping the mystique that so aptly fits the show. While there’s still lots of riddles to solve in this mystery, just knowing what’s on the horizon is enough to sate us…for now.



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