Should TV shows be tied to a cinematic universe?

Disney’s Marvel boasts an incredibly cohesive universe. For example, what happens in the cinematic universe directly impacts and influences what occurs in Agents of Shield. Whenever a new film is released, the show’s ratings spike drastically.

DC’s tv universe however is not tied into their cinematic universe. What occurs in the tv show or on the big screen is completely separate to what happens in its counterpart. At first glimpse this may seem negative. However is it really?

When AoS was first introduced it performed remarkably well, it premiered with over 11 million viewers. It was considered the top tv show of the moment. However, after just a single month of being on its own own (that is to say with no live action films to boost it’s ratings), the show experienced a considerable drop in viewers. The ratings reached a low of seven million viewers in just a one month.

Fast forward to 2014 and less than half of those viewers remain. Even releases of live actions have not increased its ratings. The Wrap reported a meager four million viewers still stubbornly hanging on to the show. This after the release of the Winter Soldier which was expected to boost the ratings of the show to a high.

On the other hand DCs The Flash debuted with a modest 4 million viewers. The tv show has only increased in ratings, and even set an all time record for most viewed tv show episode for the CW. The Flash reached an all time high with 6.24 million viewers during its crossover event with Arrow. The flash is rising in ratings as opposed to Marvels continuous decrease in viewers. The crossover event between Flash and Arrow broke viewership records for both of them.

It seems that having a tv show who’s allure stems from itself and not from how it may tie in to a cinematic universe is more effective at mantaining a steady viewership. What are your thoughts?

  • Brad

    I don’t think DC could tie their movies to their TV shows. They can’t even keep their comic universe straight. All we need is a televised Crisis to try and fix things. No thank you.

    • undbiter65

      Same old argument? Soon you’ll be the only one watching Agents of Shield. Although I bet even you don’t watch it anymore

      • Brad

        I never did watch it. 😛

        • undbiter65

          Even Marvel sheeps can’t stand it? Wow. Must be worse than I thought

  • Barracuda7772

    i dont think they could afford to unify the DC film/tv universe

    • undbiter65

      The various networks the shows are are producing the shows. Dc is just licensing the names