We See Much More of The Mummy in this New Trailer

There’s a new trailer for The Mummy and this time it’s not just about Tom Cruise.

Universal is rebooting it’s monster franchises. I can’t believe it’s taken so long. The Universal Monsters are legendary, I’m sure we’ve all grown up watching them. I must admit, the idea of them screwing up the Universal Monster moniker scares me, and the first trailer for The Mummy gave me reason to.

While there was a funny instance of the first trailer appearing without the soundtrack, that’s not what really scared me about the movie. What scared me, was that the movie appeared to be just another hero vehicle for Tom Cruise, instead of a movie about the monster. Tom Cruise hero movies have their place, I’ve enjoyed a few Mission Impossible flicks myself. But we don’t need him taking top billing in a monster movie. Not in a Universal Monster movie.

In the new trailer though, we see much more of the title character of the movie. And this is not a Mummy we’ve seen before. I’ll admit, when I first heard that The Mummy would be a woman, I was a little shocked. I mean, the image of Boris Karloff is forever burned into my brain as the quintessential image of the Mummy, and I expected something harkening back to that. Well, this certainly is no homage to Karloff, but the images we see in this trailer are quite creepy.

I’m still worried of the Tom Cruise connection though. One phrase in the trailer “You are alive because you were chosen” tells me that this may just turn into another only-Tom-can-save-us-with-super-human-abilities-movie again. And I don’t want that.


The Mummy arrives in theaters June 9