Santa Clarita Diet: A Refreshing(?) Take on Zombies

A fanciful spin on flesh-eating foes.

Netflix began teasing us with the newest addition to their original content library this weekend. Starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, Santa Clarita Diet, seems to take a more humorous (yet still dark) approach to the zombie fandom.

Their promos present, by design, as overacted diet commercials extolling the virtues of eating “whoever” you want. Barrymore’s character further teases the plot by saying she only eats those who deserves it. As her husband, Olyphant’s character cautions users about the intensity of his wife on this new diet.

Not sure you’re ready to take a bite out of this new fad? That’s ok: “the first month’s free!”



Santa Clarita Diet debuts on Netflix on February 3.



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