Samara Takes Flight in this New Rings Teaser

What’s more fun than a trailer? A teaser that leaves you wanting more.

So here you are, coasting along on a flight trying to be friendly to a neighboring passenger, when you realize the guy next to you is a bit nutty. Turns out he’s been watching a movie. Now he thinks someone wants to kill him. Well aren’t you lucky?

Then your friend turns out to be just as nutty. What is going on here?

Well, it’s just the new teaser for the upcoming installment of The Ring franchise. In this trailer, we get to see nearly three minutes of the movie. We get to see Samara in a whole new environment.

There’s Samara on the mother&%$n@ plane! Oh how I wish Sam Jackson would have made an appearance.

I’m typically one that would prefer movie studios didn’t return to the well so many times, but in this case, Samara is all too comfortable in a well. And I’m actually excited for this sequel.

Rings hits theaters this Friday.

First you watch it. Then you die.

Samara takes flight