Rob Zombie’s 31 Looks Scary as Hell

Horror mastermind Rob Zombie returns with his much anticipated movie 31. The trailer looks frightening. For all those with coulrophobia( fear of clowns) might want to skip this movie.

Malcolm McDowell may have his most scary role sincese Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange. From the  looks of the trailer it seems to be in the late 60’s , early 70’s. sheri31 Zombie’s wife Sherry Moon Zombie continues to be his leading lady in all his movies.31-Rob-Zombie

The premise of the movie seems to be a group of unsuspecting people get captured and are forced to play a game of 31 for survival. The stake’s of the game is your life. The visuals look amazing , and the images being released are down right nightmarish.PH3dXpGURmWn77_1_l

Rob Zombie seems to up his game and has comeback with a vengeance or with a chainsaw( pun intended). Many critics were down on his recent films. The Lords of Salem and Halloween 2 received poor reviews. Only being appreciated by his hardcore fans.ff6fe027b2a42c7649a0ce7dea111549

Zombie brings artistic flair to the horror genre. There is a certain beauty to his films. In the midst of hire and violence , there is a balance of poetic chaos and unrelenting realism that is throughout his movies. Rob ZombieWith a focus on smart dialogue that is brash , funny and in your face that asks for no apologies. His films are meant for you to be uncomfortable. To make you uneasy in your own skin. The idea is to make you feel vulnerable, like you might have caught some kind of virus by just watching his movies. He creates unforgettable characters that seem to haunt you after watching them. You say to yourself, there are people out there like that and that is more frightening.



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  • Chris

    Looks scary as hell.