Rings Official Trailer, Seven Days!

The Rings trailer sees the return of some old favorites.

Seven days. That’s what you have left of your life if you watch the video. Not the trailer attached here of course, but the video the Ring movies center around. A video full of horrific images that don’t seem to mean much of anything.

There seems to be a recurring theme in horror movies. A horror movie arrives with a fresh idea and is a great movie. Money is made, and then the studios get a little greedy. Pushing out several sequals that tend to just water down the original movie. In the end we have a great movie who’s memory is marred by lacking follow up movies. There is a new trend though, that a few years after these movie series have reached their conclusion, a new movie is made. Often times a reboot, the return movie seems to be the sequal that the first movie deserved. The question is, will studios get greedy and pump out trash again? Of course they will.

In  the case of The Ring, the movie was already a remake of a foreign film. But it was great. Followed by some sequals which weren’t the worst, but didn’t stand up to the first. And here we are, a few years after they closed the door on the girl in the well, with a new movie. And it looks great.

See the preview below and tell us, will you be watching?


Source: GeekIL