Review of Netflix “Iron Fist”

I’m happy to announce that I saw Iron Fist first season and survived, the truth is that it’s not that bad if you look at other shows in the series of Marvel world, made by Netflix and when you look at movies from this universe.
Danny Rand is a rich boy whose parents died in a plane crash while he survived and studied martial arts at a monastery in Khan lan (or heaven). The family had a business that was surprisingly called Rand, and while the family was dead, it was run by the Mitcham family that included the father Harold who died and also sold his soul to the “hand” (the villains) and his children Ward and Joy.

It seems that the scriptwriters did not want the series to be banal, but too radical is not necessarily a good thing. There is hardly a single character in the series that was consistent or at least showed consistency in the series except Danny Rand himself. In order not to do spoilers, I can only say that everyone who is good is bad and vice versa at some point in the series.
I did not read the comics before I sat down to watch the Iron Fist season, but I’m sure the fans were a bit disappointed (and later I’ll give them a reason why not be). The actors themselves did their best and their text and their demands. Sometimes it seems that they too lost some contact with what is happening in the series.

The situation is that the first episodes are good, and the last episodes are also good. In the middle there is a hole that was unnecessary and it was possible to close the season with less than 13 episodes. As for the last chapter, you can clearly see that Netflix is ​​building on Season 2, hope it will be better.

So what is the reason why you can be satisfied ?, Marvel movies of single characters (we will not go into names), was not a huge success but these films were a preparation for the avengers films that came and were great. It seems Netflix is ​​also going along with 3 series so far, which were reasonable and down, in preparation for a series of Defenders, so maybe the series that unites the characters from the world of Marvel will be a greater success than the few series.

Iron Fist is available on Netflix.