Nimoy’s Legacy Becomes Interstellar

Nimoy as Spock
Nimoy as Spock

The geek world crumbled earlier this year with the passing of Leonard Nimoy. He became an iconic symbol of honesty and virtue in the role of Dr. Spock in the Star Trek galaxy, and the world felt the loss. Now, Nimoy is going to continue to live long and prosper as an asteroid has taken on his appellation.

4684 Nimoy was discovered in 1988. It is about six miles across and orbits the sun approximately every 3.9 years. It is currently in the SE sky, nestled between Capricornus and Sagittarius.

Interestingly enough, there is already an asteroid 2309 Mr. Spock. However, it was not named for the TV character. It was actually named for the discoverer’s pet cat.



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