Nicholas Cage in USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage Trailer

The new Nicholas Cage flick USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage has war, nuclear explosions, and shark attacks. And it’s based on a true story.

The USS Indianapolis was responsible for delivering the nuclear bomb which would go on to devastate Hiroshima in World War II. That in itself would be enough to make it a historical story. It’s what happened after this that makes it a ripe story for a Nicholas Cage movie.

On it’s way home from the delivery, the USS Indianapolis was attacked by a Japanese submarine. Taking two torpedos, the ship was sunk. Of the 1196 men on board, only around 900 survived the initial attack. Only a few life rafts were released before the ship went down, and most men were stuck floating in the water with nothing but a life jacket.

The following morning, these floating survivors faced another attack. A shark attack. And the shark attacks continued until the remaining men were rescued. Five horrific days later. By the time they were rescued, their head count had dwindled to 317 men.

After this horrifying ordeal, Captain Charles Butler McVay III (played by Nicholas Cage in the movie) faced a Naval court-martial.

It is a truly amazing story, and hopefully this movie can do it justice. To read more about the real USS Indianapolis, click here.

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