Newest Resident Evil Trailer Reveal’s Alice’s Motivation

Milla Jovovich returns as Alice on a mission in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The newest trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter gives us something that’s been missing from past movies. Motivation.

Alice, played by Milla Jovovich has been through the ringer during the franchises various movies. We’ve seen her be the victim, the agent, the clone? We’ve seen her fight unwinnable fights and come out on top. At one point, it seemed like she was trying to save the world from the virus that was killing it. And at other times it seemed that she was just trying to survive in the post apocalyptic world. This movie, offers her a new motivation. Revenge.

Alice is offered a chance for revenge, and it looks like she will be getting it. If this trailer is any indication, we can expect the action packed movie we’ve come accustomed to from Resident Evil, with a heaping helping of monsters. Good times!

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter heads to theaters this January 27th.