New Trailer for Walking Dead Mid-Season Premier


After going entirely too long without a new episode of The Walking Dead, we’re finally getting a glimpse of what’s to come when the series returns from it’s midseason hiatus on February 14th.

When we last saw our band of survivors, they were covered in zombie juice and starting on their journey through the middle of the overran Alexandria. Of course, that annoying child wouldn’t stop calling for his mother, so it’s fairly safe to say it won’t be an easy walk. Ever notice the kids always get someone killed in The Walking Dead? Maybe this time we’ll get lucky and it will be Carl.

In the preview we see some of our faves killing zombies, we see the glowing Maggie screaming, and we see new characters talking about the much anticipated Negan.

See the trailer below and let us know, will you be watching zombies on Valentine’s Day?