New ‘Dragon Ball’ Series Announced

Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball will be returning to television after almost 18 years. The new series will take place right after the defeat of Majin Buu at the end of the Dragon Ball Z series (in case some of you didn’t know, Dragon Ball GT is considered non-canon and those events are to be disregarded). This will be the official and canon sequel to Dragon Ball Z.

The original mastermind and creator behind the iconic Dragon Ball Z series, Akira Toriyama, is backing this series so you know it’ll be good. The name of the series will be ‘Dragon Ball Super.’ The series will air this July in Japan, with an english version in the works.

“I hope that this series will last a long time and have the same impact around the world as its predecessor,” shares Masako Nozawa, the voice of Dragon Ball’s Son Goku, Son Gohan and Son Goten.

How excited are you for a new Dragon Ball tv series?

(Source: Rolling Stone)

  • This is amazing news – I know my wife and kids will be waiting (im)patiently for this to hit UK screens!!