Netflix Movie ARQ Sees a Trailer

The movie formula of a character living their day over and over again has been done over and over. But at least ARQ looks good.

Robbie Amell is no Bill Murray. But he may have an inkling of what Murray felt like while filming Groundhog Day. Amell stars alongside Rachael Taylor in the new Netflix sci-fi thriller ARQ.

From what we see in the trailer, Amell is forced to live his day time and time again after being shot (killed perhaps?) time and time again. Amell’s character blames this on the ARQ, which thankfully we know how to spell as it’s the title of the movie.

What is the ARQ? Is that that spinning pillar that he keeps touching? Or is he just in a lathe shop trying to decide what shape to carve? Is it the home made steam punk looking clock that it keeps showing? I would suggest he not attempt to take that on an airplane. Or is it the glowing spot on Taylor’s arm he spots while perversely copping a midnight feel? I don’t know, but she should really get that looked at.

The good news? The trailer looks good. And if we can expect the same quality Netflix has been pushing out in their other original series/movies, it should be good.