Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Recap- Maveth Spoiler Alert!

Holy Mackerel Batman! Did you watch that?!!!

So much good packed into one episode. So many plots tied up in one big Merry Christmas present. Can we give kudos to both Ian De Caestecker-Fitz and Elizabeth Henstridge-Simmons? Both characters’ relationships were handled so organically throughout this season. I’m not a fan of the forced romance many shows love to spoon-feed the audience. (I’m looking at you Supergirl!) Just thinking of the last scene of this episode have me verklempt (Choked with emotion – Ed). Talk among yourselves while I continue chopping onions. Damn you Marvel!! It’s supposed to be a superhero show!!


Previously, we saw Director Phil Coulson had a case of Roz rage. No thanks to enemy number 1 Grant Ward must die! He managed to jump into the Lazarus Pit Portal/other planet. We see  Coulson awaken from his dream after a concussion on the planet muttering, ” I’ll be damned. Tattooine. ”  As Grant leading the Hydra team and Fitz to look for the holy grail (perhaps it’s the IT/Death thing, the show keeps referring to), Fitz managed to locate Will. Both seem to have forged a really good relationship considering their love interest in Simmons. He was trying to keep a promise to Simmons to bring Will back. Unfortunately, sometime between getting Simmons back to Earth-1 (for the sake of simplicity) until Fitz visits, Will is taken over by IT. Like a zombie that cannot be destroyed with bullets, Fitz eventually fired a flare gun BBQing that sucker. Is IT dead? Nope. Not by a long shot. Many of us who wanted Grant Ward’s death sort of got our wishes. While Fitz was battling Will/IT,  Coulson and Ward have their own tussle. Coulson has the satisfaction of crushing Ward’s rib cage with his bionic hand! He even leaves the murder weapon beside Ward. No prosecutor would risk his life travel to a strange planet to retrieve that. Smart thinking on Coulson’s part.


During all this, the interim Shield director Mack gathered his troops to plan an attack on Hydra and to extract Phil, Fitz and Simmons from the Hydra camp base. In the meantime, Simmons was back in Lash’s container in an attempt to escape from the pursuing Hydra goons. Dr. Andrew Garner talked Simmons into releasing him to save her. To no one’s surprise, many of the contained inhumans were slaughtered by Lash as Agent May discovered she was too late to the rescue. Lash was nowhere to be found. Mack sent the rest of the team back while he and Daisy hold the fort waiting for Coulson and Fitz to return, while worrying the IT will follow. He appointed Agent May to be the next Shield’s director in case all things goes to hell.  She was told to destroy the Hydra camp base when the time comes. We see Agent May order the firing of the missiles towards the Hydra camp, along with a container with all four agents in it being extracted. So Grant Ward is dead, but IT managed to take over his body and escape from the other world.  Thriller played fading into black on the image of Ward with black oil running through his veins. Okay, I made up the Thriller playing part – but someone ought to check if the black oil copyright from The X Files has expired!


Are you okay with Ward no longer being the Ward of old? And do you hope Brett Dalton can bring a different personality into his new character like Tom Cavanagh’s Harrison Wells from Earth-2 of The Flash? The show did try to portray him to be the sickest villain yet he seems to be a dim bulb at times, so his continued survival in his past life seems a bit miraculous to me. What do you think? Sound off in the comments section.


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  • veeru789

    I don’t follow this series but the way you wrote this article is tempting to give it a try. 🙂

    • Bambinoitaliano

      Thanks veeru. You should. The first season could be challenging but towards the end it gets better. It’s better than Person of Interest 🙂

      • veeru789

        Lol. They are both two different genres. But like you said I couldn’t get past the first three episodes. Maybe it gets better