Marvel Vs DC: Who Won at Comic Con?

The Marvel vs DC debate has been raging on for decades now, with both of the world’s two biggest comic publishing companies having their merits and loyal fanbases. So who’s better, DC or Marvel? That folks, is a discussion for another time.

What we’re here to discuss is, who won’s this year’s biggest battle: Comic Con? While this maybe a very subjective matter with personal bias clouding personal judgment, we DO have something more tangible than personal taste to gauge which of the two comic book titans enjoyed more success at SDCC 2014. Before we do go into this, we must ask ourselves, what truly means “success” at an event like Comic Con? Considering the purpose of most, if not all, panels at SDCC (which is to promote their movies, games, or whatever they happen to be showcasing and, most of all, create MAJOR hype) then the most “successful” of the two would be the one who created the most hype, no?

Well according to research group Way To Blue, Avengers: Age of Ultron generated 62,542 overall mentions while Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice generated 112,108 overall mentions. According to this research DC generated almost double the “buzz” that Marvel did. Also, a whopping 45 percent of online conversation related to Comic Con was attributed to DC.

So what do you think? Which of the two publishing companies won Comic Con for you?
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  • Spade

    Marvel all the way bro!!!! Marvel can do no wrong, how many times do I have to tell you this..

    On a serious note… DC won.. fair and square… but only because they finally put bats and supes in a movie together… other than that… pftttt Marvel always spanks DC….

    • undbiter65

      Ha! Tell me that a few thousand more times and I may just start believing you Spade 😛 *silly*

      • Spade

        Deal.. I’m going to spam the comments section on every DC post you make… hahahahaha

        • undbiter65


  • veeru789

    The trailer of Dawn of justice was a killer. That was mind blowingly awesome. That alone over shadowed marvel. But yeah, like spade said, if you take out Batman rest of DC will get spanked by Marvel :p

  • undbiter65

    It definitely was. It made some people who were absolutely hating on this movie, looking at you Brad, say “i officially want to watch this now.”