Marvel poised to take on DC tv universe

DC and Marvel both have fantastic movies, and they have not so fantastic movies.  What they have in common though is a fairly large budget to work with.  Where the bad films go wrong though usually lays in a horribly written script or a poor portrayal of a character.  A good example of this I like to use is the Dark Knight series of films directed by Christopher Nolan.   Where as Batman played by Christian Bale is the main character,  i found myself wondering if it should of been called The Joker featuring Batman. In Marvel’s case, it would be the terrible “twist” with the villain in Iron Man 3.

Television shows are a different beast altogether.  Budgets are usually a fraction of what is available for films.  Despite much smaller budgets no one can deny that DC is killing it when it comes to their television shows.  The Flash, Gotham and in my opinion to a lesser degree Arrow and Constantine.  Marvel doesn’t seem think its fair that DC hogs all the viewership so they have poised themselves in the same fashion of their recent films.  Release individual movies each about a different hero and then down the line stitch them together to create a multi-hero show that should not disappoint.  What Marvels doing though is a little different you wont find any A list hero’s here such as Captain America or Iron Man.  Marvel opted to go with Iron Fist, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage.  Although lesser known, these hero’s do not disappoint.  If you are unaware of who they are i suggest looking them up in preparation of their forthcoming shows.

I do believe Luke Cage is the only show here with a definitive start date and it premieres in may 2015.  Each of these shows will debut on Netflix and will likely also have affiliated networks for viewing on cable and satellite TV.

  • undbiter65

    May get a Netflix account JUST for this

    • Barracuda7772

      May is a good month ! Age of ultron Luke cage. My birthday lol