Maniac : New Comedy Series – Paramount TV

From Deadline exclusive report, Jonah Hill and Emma Stone have sign on to a television comedy series Maniac for two season. Both stars along with director Cary Fukunaga also served as executive producers. The director is known for his direction on True Detective Season 1 (The better season of the two because of him)and Jane Eyre. Maniac is a dark comedy series based on the same titled of a Norwegian show. It’s about a guy who lives a fantasy life but in reality is locked up in a mental institution. Emma Stone also played a patient in the institution. This series is still in the early stage, not much information is available beyond the two principal cast of Jonah Hill and Emma Stone will be reuniting since their Superbad fame and the director Cary Fukunaga.  Click on Deadline for more information. Below is a clip from the Norwegian series with English subtitle. Let me know if this is the kind of show you will tune in for.


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