Man of Steel 2

It’s a bird, no it’s a plane, no it’s another Superman movie. Warner Bros and DC films have given the go ahead for a sequel for 2013 Man of Steel. Produced by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Trilogy) , directed by Zach Snyder and starred Henry Cavill.

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The movie grossed $668 million worldwide. It was followed up by Batman vs. Superman which did $872 million in the much criticize movie, starring Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman.

With Suicide Squad breaking box office records with an amazing $135 million (by the way the movie critics got this one wrong), Warner Bros and DC films are going to keep the DC Universe moving forward.


With 9 more films that are coming to a theater near you , the future looks bright for DC fans. The next movies to follow Suicide Squad will be The Justice League and a standalone Wonder Woman.

download (18) Then is going to be followed by an Aquaman , Flash and Cyborg movie. A Harley Quinn movie is in talks with the success of Margot Robbie’s portrayal of insane hotness of the Joker’s girlfriend. There will be a sequel to the Suicide Squad in the future, but no word on who is returning to the sequel at the moment.

Two unnamed films are scheduled for release in Oct 5, 2018 and Nov 1, 2019.  One is believed to be the standalone Batman movie that is being written, directed and starring Ben Affleck. The other might be this Man of Steel 2 sequel.

I thought of a title for the Superman movie.

Man of Steel 2: The Search for Martha



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