Mad Max: Fury Road – Coming in 2015 (Trailer)

image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly
image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

The first instalment of the Mad Max franchise in nearly 30 years years is set to hit theatres in May of 2015. Originally this post apocalyptic action film hit theatres in 1979 and was later followed by Mad Max 2: (The Road Worrier) and Max Max Beyond Thunderdome in 1985. Fury Road stars Tom Hardy as Max as well as Charlize Theron.

Check out the amazing trailer that was unveiled by Warner Brothers at Comic Con:

  • undbiter65

    Holy cow that looks good! 😀

  • Spade


  • Mecca EL

    Once again…once a gat damn gain!!! They destroy the most epic vehicle in Hollywood history!!! TF man!?!!? On a side note, I will be spending my hard earned money on this movie. George Miller is back in the saddle, and ready to express some post apocalyptic mayhem. There is NO future that’s better than the world of Mad Max. None.

    • ray689

      Been waiting on this one for a while and totally agree Mecca.

  • veeru789

    Not a fan of these kind of post apocalyptic movies but promo looks awesome. ever since water world, I started hating these movies 🙂