Lost Story of Doctor Who to be Released in Animated Version

BBC Worldwide has confirmed it will be releasing a animated version of the lost first appearance of the second Doctor.

The story is The Power of the Daleks. It was the first full appearance of Patrick Troughton, the second incarnation of the Doctor. Aired once in 1966, the Doctor Who story was forever lost a few years later when the master recordings were wiped.

While the video was lost, the audio survived, and there lies the makings of an animated version of the lost story. There have been previous animated versions of Doctor Who episodes that had been lost, but this will be the first time an entire story has been done this way.

The Power of the Daleks shall be released at the BBC Store on November 5th at precisely 5:50pm. Why 5:50? Because it will be exactly 50 years since the original airing of the story. Right down to the minute!

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