Logan: Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

Jackman and Stewart at their best in latest X-Men movie

Just as the award season is winding down for movie lovers for 2016, a new batch of movies is on it’s way for 2017.

Logan, the latest installment of the X-Men/Wolverine franchise, has finally hit the silver screen. Its star, Hugh Jackman (Logan aka Wolverine) is portraying this character for the final time. Logan is set in the not-too-distant future of 2029 where the future of mutants is threatened once again. Mutants are on the verge of extinction and Logan is no different. Looking quite a bit older and broken down as a person, Hugh Jackman puts on a star performance.

It’s not Jackman’s performance that has the critics calling the movie a hit, however. Sir Patrick Stewart (Professor Xavier) is outstanding in this movie. He raises the bar for acting in a superhero movie, putting forth a Oscar-worthy performance. He is one of the many shining spots in this movie, but it could be its littlest star that steals the show.

Dafne Keen portrays Laura, a young mutant on the run from a group of mercenaries who will stop at nothing to capture her. Laura embodies the spirit of Wolverine at its fullest, to the point where you believe that she is a wild animal inside a person. You root for this young star to succeed in the movie – a little tyke with a serious attitude, who keeps the story of the movie moving along.

I will strongly recommend that you see this movie in the theater, as it has a big movie feel to it. Box office numbers for the first weekend support that assumption. The one thing that I must warn you is that this movie is not intended for children. The movie is rated R, and it has major violence with multiple dismemberment and decapitation throughout, along with strong language and nudity. Not your typical superhero movie.

My final appraisal of Logan is this: it’s a great action movie with a good story. They saved the best for last – this movie is well worth the price of admission.


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