Link Coming To Netflix?


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Netflix is working with Nintendo to bring the video game Legend of Zelda to life. Planned to be a live action series, which is planned to be a “Game of Thrones for a family Audience”.

Netflix has already created Emmy award winning original content with Orange is the New Black and House of Cards and surely hopes to strengthen it’s position as a content provider with the eternally popular Legend of Zelda.

How long before we see Link fighting on our televisions? Well, it is still extremely early in development. At this time, there is not even a writer attached to the project, however it appears as if Nintendo is working very closely with Netflix. I’m hoping the series becomes a reality, then after watching an episode, I can finally say I finished a Legend of Zelda.



  • undbiter65

    Will be interesting to see what actor they choose for the role