Legends of Tomorrow: Pilot Part One Recap. Spoiler Alert!

Team Arrow is mostly human crime fighters that occasionally dabber on meta human with super power. Team Flash are mostly meta human with super powers that battles the meta human villains and occasionally dabber with crossing the time line. Legends of Tomorrow is meta human and mythical human that travel across all time lines. It’s Back To The Future of super heroes. Rip Hunter(Arthur Darvill) is a time traveller that leads a team of super hero and anti-super hero that travel across universe and alternate time line to solve crisis that endanger humanity. So far we know the team beside Hunter himself consist of Dr. Martin Stein(Victor Garber) a brilliant physicist that makes up the other half of Firestorm/Jefferson ‘Jax’ Jackson(Franz Darmeh), Atom/Ray Palmer(Brandon Routh), White Canary/Sara Lance(Caity Lotz), Captain Cold/Leonard Snart(Wentworth Miller), Heatwave/Mike Rory(Dominic Purcell), Hawkman/Carter Hall(Falk Hentchel) and Hawkgirl/Kendra Saunders(Ciara Renee). For now the main villain of the show seems to be focusing on Vandal Savage(Casper Crump), an immortal warrior existed since the Prehistoric Era. He travelled through time manipulating and causing chaos against man kind for centuries. Most of the DC super heroes had encountered and resisted the evil doing of Vandal Savage. The more super heroes he kill, the more power and knowledge he gather and make him impossible to defeat.


The pilot part one open with a scene from the future. Year 2116, London under siege. It’s akin to the opening scene from Terminator 2. Vandal Savage  army of  “Stormtroopers” shooting every living human being on site showing no mercy as he kill the only mother and son left on the scene. Cut to Rip Hunter appealing to Councils of Time Masters allowing him to go back in time to alter the tragic circumstances the humanity is suffering in the hands of Randal Savage. Rip Hunter was requesting  for the time travel machine(Waverider) and permission to change the course of history by going back in time to stop Randal Savage. Permission denied!

We next see Rip Hunter ordering Gideon(artificial intelligent created by Barry Allen) getting Waverider ready in search of the misfits of  ‘Legends’ across the world. He collected all 8 of them in one place with a zapper. He begins to show and tell them about  his goal and about the future, how they all play an important part in saving the world and become the ‘Legends’ of the future. All were given sometime to mull over their decision. By curiosity and by force (Jax Jackson was drugged by Dr. Martin Stein) all eight show up at the location to be awed by Waverider that operates like a Millennium Falcon zapping through space.


Their first order is to find Dr. Aidus Boardman, someone from the 70’s who seems to know a lot about Vandal Savage and possibly the only one who knows where Vandal will be next. While Rip, Ray, Dr Stein and the pair of Hawks set out to look for Dr. Boardman in a university, the other restless souls minus Jackson decide to hit the local bar. Turns out not only Dr. Boardman knows a lot about Vandal Savage, he is the son of the love birds(Hawkgirl and Hawkman) spawned during WWI in one of their many reincarnation. With Jackson alone in the Waverider, an entity that looks like the cross between Darth Vader and Predator had been waiting starts attacking the ship. This is a bounty hunter by the name of Chronos. It was sent by the Time Master Councils to capture Rip Hunter and repossess Waverider. During the attack, Dr Stein can feel his Firestorm partner is in distress, Rip Hunter got what he wanted from Dr. Boardman, rushing his team to return to their ship. Despite telling Hawkgirl Dr. Boardman is fated to die that day, Hawkgirl insist of changing her son’s fate by bringing him along the ship.


It turns out Rip Hunter has gone rogue defying the Time Machine Councils, stolen the Waverider and lying to these “Legends” about their important status and accomplishment in the future. Going after Randal Savage was Rip Hunter personal mission as much as it is about saving the humanity. The opening scene where Vandal Savage murdered the woman and child were Rip Hunter’s wife and son. The motley crew of super heroes were none too please with the deception by Rip Hunter at first. A few has sympathy for his personal tragedy, others wanted to change their own destiny by taking down Randal Savage. They agreed to go along with Rip Hunter’s plan. Having been shot by Chronos earlier while attempting to board the ship, Dr. Boardman succumb to his injury. Despite Hawkgirl intention, she could not change his fate. The episode scene end still in the 70’s where we see Randal Savage in possession of a dangerous war head somewhere in Norway.


This is one heck of a fun roller coaster ride on the first hour of the series. I am in “for now’ as I paraphrase Captain Cold. The show managed to pack a lot in one episode. Funny quips and references among the characters. It has all the sci-fi elements that we experience from other movies. It’s  a smorgasbord of  Star Wars, Terminator, Dr. Who and even Star Trek, it’s a feat for a television series to achieve. What is your first impression after the first episode? Will you be back for more next week? What do you like about the first episode so far? What do you dislike about the show? Leave your comment below.












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  • Brad

    I finally got to see it last night. I think with the more ‘epic’ storyline, the television production standards are kind of holding it back. The introductions seemed a bit forced. Will take a bit to gel, hope it does though. Could be great. Even though it’s DC and DC is shit.

  • bambinoitaliano

    The show has great potential especially with the time travel element of it. I know some viewers are not too impress with the primary antagonist of a Vandal Savage. I hope the show does not get bogged down into that one story line. Given it’s a television series, it can’t quite compare to a movie budget. One has to take this show differently than Arrow or Gotham, it’s suppose to be lighter and funnier but not as syrupy as Supergirl. I actually like the pace of the show. It’s not easy to introduce a regular cast of 9 that suppose to share equal roles in the first episode. Not all viewers are on the same level of familiarity with the comic book characters. It’s a truncated season compare to Arrow and The Flash, there’s less time to establish the characters and their story. Hopefully in a few more episodes the characters will settle down nicely. There are some decent actors in the bunch to hold the show together. There’s enough humor injected into the dialogue. You can tell the actors are enjoying themselves in their role.