Kingsman: The Golden Circle Red Band Trailer

Yesterday we got the official trailer, today we get the red band trailer.

There’s not many movies that truly surprise me. The first Kingsman movie did that to me. I knew relatively nothing about the film, and when I did finally look at the previews, it looked like nothing more than a British spy movie. I’m not too into British spy movies to be honest. I mean, why do they all dress so nice? No one wants to fight in a suit.

In any event, Kingsman was one of my favorite movies of the year. It was nearly perfect. People that I didn’t really know of, acting their characters very well. Lot’s of action. Lots of humor. The best fight scene you’ve ever seen in a church, and quite possibly out of a church. And Samuel L. Jackson!

Yesterday, we saw the official trailer of the second installment. It looks to be just as action filled, and I’m sure just as humorous. But I’m guessing no Sam Jackson. Boo!

Today, we get the red band trailer. Here’s a hint though, if you’re looking for more or different footage, you’re just really not going to find it here. What you will find is a work. Just one extra little four letter word. But hey, with this movie, isn’t that just the perfect subtle humor way to have red band trailer?

Enjoy the trailer below.