Kingsglave Final Fantasy XV -Teaser Trailer – Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sony Pictures and Square Enix have released a teaser trailer of its upcoming cg animation movie Kingsglave Final Fantasy XV. This movie is part of the Final Fantasy XV game launch that also include an anime series. This movie weaves together the complexities of the war among the kingdoms that set the stage for the main Final Fantasy XV. The all-star cast has Sean Bean (The Lord Of The Ring and Game Of Thrones) as Regis, King of Lucis who has sworn to protect the kingdom, Lena Heady (300 and Game Of Thrones) as Luna, the princess who is entrusted to deliver the royal ring of Lucis to Prince Noctis and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) as Nyx. This title will release digitally world-wide before the game launch on September 30th.

The anime series titled Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV is a five standalone episodes that tells the tale of extraordinary friendships between Prince Noctis and his three comrades, setting the stage for adventure players in the action package RPG. Check out the first episode and the overview trailer below. These anime series episodes are free, the later episodes will be available to stream before the game launch.


Platinum Demo – Final Fantasy XV is a free download demo that offers a peek into the Final Fantasy XV game. It takes the players into the dreamscape of Noctis as a child. The players can take control of Noctis to master weapons, magic skills and driving. Young Noctis also has Carbuncle as his magical guidance to overcome monsters. Players who complete this demo will unlock the exclusive Carbuncle summon DLC for the full game at launch. Note that this demo is unique to this promotion only and will not be included in the final version of the main game. It is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4. Check out the trailer below.

and finally a new trailer has been released for Final Fantasy XV titled Reclaim Your Throne narrated by King Regis.

Final Fantasy XV is available for digital pre-order for Xbox Store and PlayStation Store . For a limited time, pre-order purchasers will receive Noctis Special Outfit and Carbuncle pet for Xbox Avatars (Xbox One) and a Dynamic PS4 theme for PlayStation 4 players. The Collector’s Edition is also available. For more information visit the official website .


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