King Kong Reboot Announced!!!


As Hall H’s crowd at Comic Con were waiting for the Legendary panel to come to a close, studio president appeared to make the surprise announcement of King Kong origin story Skull Island. After the success that was Godzilla, its clear Legendary is set to bring out its heaviest hitters of classic monsters. The film is set to hit theaters 2016. Here the description of the teaser:

With narration describing an entity that was “improbable,” and using passages from Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” describing a soul that had been driven mad by being alone in the wilderness, the trailer ended with a massive gorilla – King Kong himself – emerging from the trees with a roar, and a furious bout of chest-beating.

How excited are you to see King Kong himself return to the big screen??


  • veeru789

    Another movie??!! This is boring.

    • undbiter65

      Hey I’m just the messenger! 😛

      • veeru789

        I didn’t say you were boring bro 😛

        This whole king kong series is soo boring.