Castle Rock: King-based TV Series Coming to Hulu

King’s work gets a new storyteller.

Stephen King created a psuedo-universe within his stories. As most of his characters and plots took place around a fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine, King used this world to help enrich his stories. Now that universe becomes a little more tangible.

TV/Movie producer J.J. Abrams (Fringe, Alias) brings a series to television that takes this beloved world and expounds on the characters’ stories within. This could obviously been seen as a direct response to last year’s breakout smash Stranger Things, a series that is oft compared to King’s eerie repertoire.  Now King is making things a bit more official as he has signed off on this project to bring his iconic characters back to life in a re-telling.

Castle Rock is the setting for several of King’s well-known works like The Dead Zone, “The Body” (adapted for the film Stand By Me), Needful Things, and Cujo. Other works (including Shawshank Redemption, The Stand, Pet Sematary) have frequently made reference to the town.


This isn’t King’s first brush with television.  The Dead Zone became a popular 90s show featuring the 80s icon Anthony Michael Hall. Haven (from King’s The Colorado Kid) spent several successful seasons on SyFy, and Hulu has featured King before in their miniseries based off of 11.22.63.




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