Josh Gad Records Daisy Ridley in His Trailer

What happens when Josh Gad invites Daisy Ridley to his trailer? Hint, I think she liked it.

Josh Gad, a name you might not know, but a face and voice you surely recognize, is currently working on the upcoming remake of Murder on the Orient Express. Also working on this movie is Daisy Ridley, none other than Rey of the new Star Wars trilogy.

Gad did what most of us could only dream of doing, and invited Ridley to his trailer. And she actually showed up. Gad, once again, did what many would dream of, recorded what happened next.

And what happened?

He grilled her about The Last Jedi of course! Well, what were you thinking? You know you would have done the same thing!

Watch the humorous video he posted to Instagram as he questions her about who the Last Jedi is. Does she give it up? You’ll have to see for yourself.

Josh Gad Daisy Ridley