Jon Snow Lives! In Promo Art….


The official Twitter account of HBO’s Game of Thrones tweeted out a promotional image for Game of Thrones season 6. And the image has fans of the hit series going a little wild. You see, the image is an image of fan favorite Jon Snow, whom we saw die in last season’s finale.

Since his death scene, there has been much talk online and amongst fans as rumor’s fly that he is still alive. These rumors have been denied time and time again by show producers and even Kit Harington himself, the actor that portrays Jon Snow on the series.

The image that was tweeted shows Jon Snow looking a bit pale with blood running from his eye and down his face. Is this the Jon Snow we have watched the last 5 seasons? Is this a reanimated Snow ready for the coming winter? I don’t know, but I can guarantee I’ll be watching to find out in April.

  • I think many already know at the end of the season he will live. His story is not done yet. He has more legitimate claim to the throne than most of the other heirs.

    • Robert

      I see you finally found Geek!

      • Brad

        Now why did that show up as Robert!?