Jessica Jones: First Impressions

With Marvel’s Daredevil came a new generation of streaming heroes. The comic mecca brought its fans a universe of binge-watching instant gratification. The second installment, Jessica Jones, dropped this weekend, and it proves to live up to the darker, badass world that Marvel has seemed to embrace. At least…so far.

I’m only a couple episodes in. My alter ego of a mild-mannered mother-of-two took over my superheroic talents of conquering Netflix in a single sitting. However, the show began strongly. It’s left me with high expectations for the rest of the season.

Krysten Ritter stars as the anti-hero Jones. The woman, fraught with inner demons, spends her time and her talents as a private investigator. Ritter plays her beautifully, with grit and bitter strength. The show features the elusive villain, Killgrave, and what may be a future romantic interest with a strong, and distant barkeep.

If you know the story of Jones, you may see where this is going. However, I’m enjoying discovering it through the pieced together partial storytelling the show highlights. It adds to the puzzle and enhances the mystery.

As Marvel, and Netflix, take over this new frontier for serial TV shows, Jessica Jones looks to be an excellent addition to the landscape.




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