James Cameron Announced Four Avatar Sequels

That’s right folks the sequel of a movie some of you weren’t even out of diapers when it hits the theatre. And if James Cameron stay true to his word, some of you will probably be long dead by the time the final one roll out. Perhaps there’s still time to grow your hair out in time for the hair-tendrils-entwined sex.  At the CinemaCon, James Cameron said he will be following a tight schedule of releasing 4 sequels to Avatar that will see the films release on 2018, 2020, 2022 and 2023. At the time of the the original Avatar sequel suppose to have release end of 2016. Maybe we can blame Jon Favreau for borrowing the technology for The Jungle Book that cause the delay. But can anyone doubt the king of box office James Cameron that he will recreate the magic? After all Avatar collecting $2.788 billion in the box office is still sitting comfortably on the top sport. Star Wars : The Force Awakens at $2.053 billions is unlikely to catch up. Titanic another James Cameron block buster is sitting on second place at $2.187 billion and that film was made in 1997. However, Avatar as a movie is not iconic nor does it has any cultural effect on the movie audience. It was a pretty picture no doubt. And social media was not as rabid as it was back in 2009. Shortly after announcement, twitter verse was having fun at the expense of James Cameron. See below. So what do you think? Yay or Nay?



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  • Brad

    Omg those tweets! Lmao