Invader Zim (and GIR!) to Return In a New Movie

Zim & GIR invade Nickelodeon with a 90 minute movie.

Invader Zim was a short lived masterpiece. Premiering in 2001 (yes, 2001) the series only lasted 2 seasons. That’s shocking to me, as I discovered it much later.

The series followed an alien invader, Zim, and his all too lovable sidekick GIR, as they attempted to take over the earth. They just weren’t very good at it. And of course their nemesis human Dib who was constantly trying to out the aliens.

The cartoon was beloved by children for it’s cute art (and come on, who wouldn’t love GIR?) and at least this adult loved the cartoon for the very dark sense of humor. I mean, come on, when have you ever seen a cartoon where aliens were stealing students organs?

Cancelled far too soon, Nickelodeon has green lit new 90 minute movie. Many of the show’s voice actors shall be returning back to their old roles. I don’t know about you, but this is one cartoon I can’t wait to see.

Invader Zim