Honest Trailers Takes on The Nightmare Before Christmas

Screen Junkies makes an Honest Trailer about the classic Tim Burton movie. Well, now I wonder why it’s a Tim Burton movie…

It’s the only movie that emo girls will admit they like. And they all seem to like it. It’s odd really. In any event, even those of us that don’t wear black everyday can admit that Tum Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic holiday movie. Even if I’m still unsure if it’s a Halloween or Christmas movie.

Honest Trailers points out a few oddities about the movie, and I’m not talking about Tim Burton’s spiral like designs on everything.

Most hilarious of all though, is the ode to Hot Topic. The store that always has Nightmare merchandise ready for those emo kids to buy.

Enjoy the Honest Trailer for The Nightmare Before Christmas below.