Holy Batcowl Batman!

Comic Con kicks off tomorrow which means the comic book movie world is about to get a TON of information as to what’s in store. SuperheroHype was lucky enough to get some photo shots of the Batfleck suit (and nice enough to share them!)being displayed at SDCC, confirming, though unsurprisingly, that Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice WILL be having some sort of presence at the yearly event.

Back view of the suit!
Back view of the suit!
Side View!
Side View!

See the entire photo collection at Superherohype.com What are you most excited to see at Comic Con this year? What are your overall thoughts on the Batsuit that Ben Affleck will wear? Anybody attending? Sound off in the comments below!
(Photo Credit: Superherohype.com)

  • veeru789

    looks awesome! wish they bring back Bale to play Batman.

    • undbiter65

      Agreed. Unfortunately Bale lost interest in playing Batman. He was supposedly offered 50 million per movie but refused it. 🙁

      However after seeing the pic of Afleck in the Batsuit I’m thinking he might not be as bad as we first thought!

      • shadow