Heroes Reborn: Trailer

Symbole_HeroesMany fans believed that once the cheerleader was saved, Heroes took a downturn. After that first season (and the writers’ strike), it was hard to find the spark again. I think they just found it.

Heroes Reborn is the long-teased miniseries that gives fans a peek back into the lovely universe first brought to us by creator Tim Kring in the Fall of 2006. Now, almost 10 years later, we get to see some of our fan-favorites again like Masi Oka as the incredibly optimistic Hiro and Jack Coleman as the dubious and ambiguous Noah Bennet. But fans also get treated to some fresh faces, like one Zachary Levi. I think I’m most excited for his character… Oh, Chuck, how I’ve missed you.

So, watch the trailer below and tell me: Which hero would you most like to see return?



Heroes Reborn is due to premiere on NBC on September 24.


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  • Brad

    Oh man! Can’t wait!

    • E

      I wasn’t sold until I saw this trailer. Now…yes. Just yes.

  • Numa

    Only hiro remains of the previous group.

    • E

      Hiro may be the only returning “hero”, but I’m hoping that even if we don’t get to see their faces we learn the fates of some of the others!