Hercules : Review (Spolier Alert)

Im a geek. That’s why im here on this site. And as a geek I believe in Legends, I believe in deeds larger than life, I believe in super hero with super powers. I believe in Hercules, The Son of Zeus. And that has been the problem with this movie. The Movie Hercules, directed by Brett Ratner, tries to convince us that super hero are just ordinary men doing extraordinary things but more often exaggerated than reality. There are no Centaurs or 8 headed Hydras, Only men riding horses misunderstood as Centaurs under smoke and men dressed up like Hydra Snake to terrorise people. There are no three headed wolfs, only three separate wolfs which people confuse to monsters when they are drunk. Hercules doesn’t fight alone and he is not even the son Zeus. Blasphemy! However, the movie is quite fast paced and good humour throughout will keep the audience from getting bored. The Plot seems to be decent and doesn’t feel a drag anywhere. Hercules’s brothers in arms are 4 warriors and 1 story teller. Each of the 4 warriors’, including one woman, possess great and unique skills in battle and the story teller has the nack to exaggerated tales of Hercules to help spread a fake legend. It’s a tale of mercenaries who work for gold but still have some good left in them. The sets, Action sequences and graphics feel real and immersive. Dwayne “Rock” Johnson has the perfect body for this role. However, his hair style looked messed up and I wasn’t entirely convinced he was the right choice for this role. Im not a great fan Rock’s acting skills. I think he only looks good in those hefty roles with all action and no acting. dwayne-johnson-the-rock-in-hercules-movie-2014-wallpaper-533a3a0403653 Overall, this movie isn’t for fans but at the same time isn’t boring. The movie managed to keep me locked in to the seat until the end as I was expecting to see Hercules become the true legend he is only to be disappointed at the end. Rating : 5/10 Trailer :

  • Spade

    WOW 5/10!?!? That’s it???

    • veeru789

      I’m told MSN gave 2 for this movie. 🙂

    • undbiter65

      OUCH!!! 2/10?

  • Bastakiatavich

    Thanks for the heads up, will wait to watch when it makes its way to the movie channels.

  • james pisano

    Well Veeru, I wish I would have read this critique before going cause I thought it was a big disappointment. This is no small point coming from me cause I usually love mindless action movies and enjoy Dwayne Johnson’s roles. I felt opposite to you about the fact that he wasn’t an actual “god.” I thought that was a little clever and enjoyed the ways they explained the different myths away. I thought it was neat that he was just a courageous and strong guy who’s exploits were made into legend.

    But something was horribly missing and I’m not artistic enough to describe it. I was just left totally nonplussed. Oh well. My buddy told me he heard a critic said this movie could possibly end The Rock’s career. I don’t know about that, but apparently, my take on it is pretty common.