Harry Shearer returns to The Simpsons

Well, it seems as if Fox and Harry Shearer, the voice of quite a few characters on The Simpsons, have decided to mend whatever bridges that were burned down.

Throughout The Simpsons’s twenty six year run, Shearer has voiced Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Smithers, and several other Springfield characters. Shearer raised doubts on his return for subsequent seasons earlier this year, when he Tweeted a desire to spend more time working on his other voice acting projects. FOX then started production the Simpsons’ upcoming 27th season without Shearer, saying that they would find replacements for Shearer’s numerous characters. Shearer and his Simpsons cast will be making around $300,000 per episode!

The Simpsons 27th season premieres on September 27.

Source: Entertainment Weekly