Harley Quinn Coming to Gotham?

Reports are coming out as season three of Gotham amps up to close out the year. Although Fox has not yet renewed this Batman-based origins drama for a fourth season, the producers are planning ahead for coming stories.

Gotham tells of a young police detective, Gordon (Ben McKenzie), as he navigates the dark world of Bruce Wayne’s hometown. Most of the more popular heroes and villains from the DC universe have made appearances in some respect. Some characters being more mainstage while others are just sly nods. There has been such a nod to the most recognized Batman villain, The Joker. Therefore, it’s not much of a stretch to think Gotham‘s cannon doesn’t also include a Harley Quinn.

Because this show is set as an origin story, it could be presumed that the character of Quinn will be childlike. The timeline would fit with the world that series creators have set. Most of the contemporary peers of Bruce Wayne have been portrayed as young teens or preteens. However, the Joker-esque character of Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) is a millennial, so it’s possible she would be older to better match him.

Gotham could reportedly debut Harley Quinn in the season three finale.



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    Who’s Harley Quinn?

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      no casting announcements have been made yet.

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      no casting announcements have been made yet.